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int extDiskInstallEventCallback ( EXTDISK_CALLBACK  handler  ) 

Install a notification callback function. The external drives B: and D: may be hot-plugable. This means that the drive medium might be removed or inserted while your application is running. In some cases it may be important for you to be notified if a medium is removed or inserted, for example if one of your tasks has set its working directory to the external drive. By default @CHIP-RTOS-PPC will reset the working directory of all tasks that previously had their working directory on a drive that has been removed to A:\. However this might not be appropriate. So a reaction on the removal of a hot-pluggable medium might be to set a new valid working directory.

To be notified of insertion and removal events, install a callback function. A maximum of 12 callback functions can be installed.

handler Handler function that is called on drive events.
zero on success, else failure.
SC2x3 V1.00 - CLIB V1.00
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