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External disk API

Detailed Description

Functions to support external disk drives. This interface allows you to add an external B: or D: drive. This drive must be block (sector) oriented. Each sector should be 512 bytes long. The application must provide a driver handler function with extDiskInstallHandler() to read and write these sectors on this drive.

FAT16 and FAT32 drives are supported. The maximum disk size of FAT16 drives is about 2 Gigabytes. The maximum disk size of FAT32 drives is about 8 Terabytes. The maximum file size is 232 bytes minus one cluster (=32 kbyte), which is about 4 Gigabyte.

Note that an external IDE/ATA driver is built-in to the @CHIP-RTOS-PPC. This driver is available for drives E: and F: using the EXTIDE shell command.


int extDiskInstallHandler (char driveLetter, EXTDISK_HANDLER handler)
 Install an external disk handler function.
int extDiskInstallDrive (char driveLetter, DWORD nSectors)
 Install an external disk drive.
int extDiskCallDriverFunc (char driveLetter, EXTDISK_ACTION action, DWORD param1, DWORD param2, BYTE *buffer)
 Call the driver handler function for an external disk drive.
int extDiskInstallEventCallback (EXTDISK_CALLBACK handler)
 Install a notification callback function.
int extDiskRemoveEventCallback (EXTDISK_CALLBACK handler)
 Uninstall a notification callback function.

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