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This is for experts only.

The @CHIP-RTOS-PPC provides many API functions to access the hardware. Normally, the user should use these API functions and there should be no need for a direct access to the hardware resources. Just for the case that these @CHIP-RTOS-PPC API functions are insufficient or a API is missing, the CLIB provides a variable that can be used to access the MPC5200B processor MBAR registers directly from the application.

To gain access to the MBAR hardware resources, the user has to call RTX_MemWindow(). Here's an example:

// Get access to hardware resources (MBAR area)
error = RTX_MemWindow(&MpcReg, sizeof(MpcReg));

if (!error)
  // Read PCI clock select register
  reg = MpcReg.mpc_Cdm.pci_clk_sel;

  // ...

Note: You can easily crash the entire system when your application has access to the MBAR area and any programming errors are present. There's also a risk to interfere with devices needed by the system.


 MPC5200B MBAR registers.

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