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BIOS API - STDIO Functions

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BIOS API STDIO functions.


unsigned int BIOS_kbhit (void)
 Test if character is ready at standard input(s).
unsigned int BIOS_getch (void)
 Get character from standard input, with wait.
void BIOS_putch (unsigned char output)
 Output character to standard output(s).
void BIOS_putbytes (const char *str, int n)
 Output string to standard output(s).
void BIOS_Set_Focus (IO_FOCUS focus)
 Set STDIO focus.
void BIOS_Set_Focus_Hotkey (unsigned char hotkey)
 Set the stdio focus key.
int BIOS_Select_Stdio (STDIO_PORT ports, STDIO_DIRECTION direction)
 Specify the stdin / stdout channels.
unsigned int BIOS_Get_Stdio (void)
 Get the stdin / stdout channels setting.
void BIOS_Install_User_Stdio (const USER_STDIO_FUNCS *vectors)
 Install user specific stdio channel handler functions.

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