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BIOS API - Ethernet/PPP Functions

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BIOS API Ethernet/PPP functions.


#define BIOS_Server_On_Off   ServerControl
 Suspend/Resume system servers.
#define BIOS_Server_State   ServerState
 Get state of system servers.
#define BIOS_Get_PPPServer_IP   PPP_Server_GetIP
 Get IP of the PPP server.
#define BIOS_Get_PPPClient_IP   PPP_Client_GetIP
 Get IP of the PPP client.
#define BIOS_Connection_Handler   RegisterSrvConnCbHandler
 Install a system server connection handler function.
#define BIOS_Install_UDP_Cfg_Callback   RegisterUdpCfgCbHandler
 Install a UDP Config Server user callback function.
#define BIOS_Ethernet_State   ethGetMode
 Retrieve status of the ethernet connection.


int BIOS_Get_MAC (unsigned char *mac)
 Get MAC address of the Ethernet interface.
int BIOS_Get_MAC2 (unsigned char *mac)
 Get second MAC address.
void BIOS_Config_Server_Level (unsigned int level)
 Change level for UDP configuration server.

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