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sTASK_INFO Struct Reference

RTX task information report. More...

Detailed Description

This data structure is used by the RTX_Task_Info() API to report detailed information concerning a specific task.

typedef struct tTASK_INFO
unsigned int tiTaskState ;
char tiName[5] ;
unsigned char tiTaskPriority ;
unsigned char tiProgIdx ;
unsigned char tiTaskMonStatus ;
QWORD tiDutyTime ;
QWORD tiElapsedTime ;
QWORD tiRunTime ;
QWORD tiExistTime ;
unsigned int tiStackUsed ;
unsigned int tiStackSize ;

The tiStackUsed member is valid only if the measureStack input parameter to the RTX_Task_Info() API was set.

The tiDutyTime and tiElapsedTime member values are valid only if the RTX_MON_READY bit is set in tiTaskMonStatus. These values are up to date if both RTX_MON_READY and RTX_MON_RUNNING flags are set. (At the first invocation of RTX_Task_Info() only the RTX_MON_RUNNING will be set.)

The reported tiElapsedTime is the amount of time since a previous call to RTX_Task_Info() was made for the respective task. And tiDutyTime is the amount of CPU time this task has used since that previous call. In this way the period over which a task's duty cycle is measured can be controlled by the time between calls to RTX_Task_Info().

Note: Task overall duty cycle loading can be calculated as:

     tiRunTime / tiExistTime

This data structure is not defined in the SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-libraries. The tiDutyTime and tiElapsedTime members have been extended to QWORD instead of the DWORD used in the SC2x3 C-libraries. For the SC2x3, the tiDutyTime and tiElapsedTime members were only valid when RTX_Start_Task_Monitor() was called previously. This function is no longer needed and not implemented in the @CHIP-RTOS-LNX.
V1.05 - tiDutyTime/tiElapsedTime values are now implemented.

Data Fields

unsigned int tiTaskState
char tiName [5]
unsigned char tiTaskPriority
unsigned char tiProgIdx
unsigned char tiTaskMonStatus
QWORD tiDutyTime
QWORD tiElapsedTime
QWORD tiRunTime
QWORD tiExistTime
unsigned int tiStackUsed
unsigned int tiStackSize

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