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Data Fields
rpCgi Struct Reference

CGI structure. More...

Detailed Description

CGI structure, passed to CGI callback functions.

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Data Fields

uint8 fConnectionId
rpCgiHttpRequest fHttpRequest
char * fPathPtr
char * fHostPtr
char * fRefererPtr
char * fAgentPtr
char * fLanguagePtr
uint32 fBrowserDate
char * fArgumentBufferPtr
sint32 fArgumentBufferLength
char * fUserNamePtr
char * fPasswordPtr
void * fRemoteIPPtr
int fResponseState
rpCgiHttpResponse fHttpResponse
rpDataType fDataType
char * fResponseBufferPtr
sint32 fResponseBufferLength
uint32 fObjectDate
uint16 fHostIndex
char * fSetCookieHeaders
int fNumOfSetCookieHeaders
char * fCookieHeader
const char * fResponseHeadersPtr
unsigned int fFlags
unsigned long fLongParam

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