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Data Fields
PPPClient_Init Struct Reference

PPP client structure IPv4. More...

Detailed Description

This structure is used to open a PPP client session with IPv4 addressing. For how to initialize and use these structures see the PPPCLIE.C example.

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Data Fields

int port
int auth
int modem
int flow
long baud
unsigned long idletimeout
char username [PPP_MAXNAME_LEN]
char password [PPP_MAXNAME_LEN]
char PPPClieRemipAddrStr [INET_ADDRSTRLEN]
char PPPClienetMaskStr [INET_ADDRSTRLEN]
char PPPClieipGatewayStr [INET_ADDRSTRLEN]
PPPDial pppdial [PPP_MAX_DIAL]
PPP_ModemHangup modem_hangup
unsigned int break_modem

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