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PPPClie_ModemCtrl Struct Reference

Modem control structure. More...

Detailed Description

This structure is used when opening/closing a PPP modem connection.

Example for a modem control variable:

PPPClie_ModemCtrl modem_ctrl =
{ 20, // Idle interval in seconds after which the modem commands are executed.
{{"+++","OK",2,2}, // Switch into modem command mode.
// If the modem is not connected it doesn't answer with the expected message "OK"
// -> the RTOS ppp driver task closes the PPP session.
{"AT","OK",2,2}, // Check, if the modem is in command mode.
{"ATO",NULL,0,0} // Switch modem back to online mode.

Data Fields

int ctrl_idle_secs
PPPClie_ModemCmd ctrlcmd [3]

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