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Release Notes – SC1x5 @CHIP-RTOS-LNX V01.20 [09.02.2018]

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

Ticket: #688
Component: Clib
Type: enhancement
Summary: Should make priority of CAAM interrupt tasks configurable
Description: The isrSetTaskPriority() API function should be able to configure the task priority of the CAAM interrupts.
Solution: Implemented.

Ticket: #690
Component: Crypto
Type: defect
Summary: Disable cryptodev usage
Description: As the com.tom WEB-PLC software has discovered some problems with the cryptodev operation when building a large SHA256 hash, we should disable the usage of the cryptodev kernel module for now.
Solution: Removed the cryptodev usage from the OpenSSL and CLIB builds.

Ticket: #691
Component: RootFS
Type: enhancement
Summary: Should update libpcap to 1.8.1
Description: Should update to latest libpcap version 1.8.1.
Solution: Done.

File system
Ticket: #693
Component: File system
Type: defect
Summary: Working directory not set after changing drive with setdisk()
Description: The working directory is not set correctly when changing the drive with setdisk().
Solution: Fixed.

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