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Release Notes – SC1x5 @CHIP-RTOS-LNX V01.13 [18.05.2017]

The tickets are grouped by component and then sorted by type and ticket number.

Ticket: #570
Component: RTX-native
Type: defect
Summary: RTX object allocated with ID = zero
Description: The RTX ID zero is reserved as an invalid ID. If all 500 RTX objects have been allocated and the internal index to the RTX object list wraps around, the ID zero can be returned for a valid object allocation. A segmentation fault is likely to occur afterwards.
Solution: Fixed.

Ticket: #574
Component: RTX-native
Type: defect
Summary: Increase total number of available RTX objects
Description: Should increase the total number of available RTX objects.
Solution: Increased the number of RTX objects from 500 to 1000. Increased the number of RTX message envelopes from 128 to 256.

Ticket: #569
Component: System
Type: defect
Summary: WPA Supplicant cannot retrieve valid RSSI values for connected network
Description: The RSSI values of the connected wireless network, that the WPA Supplicant implementation retrieves, are not valid. This is actually not a problem in the supplicant but in the Redpine driver for RM0x, that runs on the kernel side.
Solution: Fixed, by patching the WPA supplicant for now.

Ticket: #571
Component: Shell
Type: enhancement
Summary: MEM command should display RTX object counts
Description: The Shell MEM command should list the number of used RTX kernel objects.
Solution: Implemented.

Ticket: #575
Component: Clib
Type: defect
Summary: Using RTX semaphores as OpenSSL mutex consumes RTOS resources
Description: In order for the OpenSSL operations to be thread safe, the user has to provide a number of mutex objects, that can be used internally by the library. Allocating RTX semaphore objects eats up RTOS resources. We should provide low level pthread_mutex_t objects instead.
Solution: Fixed.

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