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TCP/IP API main page

API functions for configuration and control of the provided PPP client service.


int PPP_Client_Installed (void)
 Check if PPP client is installed. More...
int PPP_Client_GetStatus (int *errorCode)
 Get PPP client status. More...
int PPP_Client_Open (PPPClient_Init *pppClientInit, int *errorCode)
 Establish a PPP connection. More...
int PPP_Client_Close (int *errorCode)
 Close a PPP connection. More...
int PPP_Client_Get_DNSIP (unsigned long *DNSServerIP, int serverIdx, int *errorCode)
 Retrieve DNS server IP address. More...
int PPP_Client_SetOptions (const PPP_Option *pppOptionPtr)
 Set options for the PPP client connection. More...
void PPP_Client_GetIP (char *IPStr)
 Read PPP client IP address. More...
void PPP_Client_GetIP_IPv6 (char *IPStr)
 Read PPP client IPv6 address. More...
int PPP_Client_Pause (int pause, int *error)
 Pause/resume the PPP client task. More...

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