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Netfilter functions (NAT and Firewall)

Detailed Description

This interface provides functions to configure the @CHIP-RTOS-LNX's NAT (Network Address Translation) and Firewall functionality.

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int netfEnableFirewall (unsigned int maxFirewallRules)
 Initialise and start Firewall. More...
int netfEnableNat (const char *internalIfaceName, const char *externalIfaceName, unsigned int maxNatMappings)
 Initialise and start NAT service. More...
int netfSetTtl (unsigned int timeToLive)
 Initialise Time-To-Live value. More...
int netfConfigRefresh (void)
 Refresh Netfilter configuration. More...
int netfAddFirewallRule (unsigned char protocol, unsigned short portMin, unsigned short portMax, unsigned long ipMin, unsigned long ipMax, const char *ifaceName)
 Setup a firewall rule. More...
int netfAddNatMapping (unsigned char protocol, unsigned short localPort, unsigned short remotePort, unsigned long remoteIP)
 Setup a static NAT mapping entry. More...
int netfGetTrafficCounters (const char *ifaceName, unsigned long *receivedBytes, unsigned long *sentBytes)
 Get traffic counters for a given interface. More...
int netfResetTrafficCounters (const char *ifaceName)
 Reset traffic counters for a given interface. More...

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