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RTX_EC RTX_Task_Info ( const char *  taskname,
sTASK_INFO taskdata,
unsigned int  dataSize,
BOOL  measureStack 

This API reports detailed information concerning a task specified by name.

The measureStack Boolean controls whether or not the task's stack space is scanned to detect the high water mark. This scan can be time consuming.

tasknameName of task whose information is to be reported.
taskdataOutput Parameter: Task specifics are reported here.
dataSizeFor future compatibility, set to sizeof(sTASK_INFO).
measureStackBoolean, non-zero if task's stack usage should be measured.
Zero on success, else error code.
This API is not available in the SC1x, SC2x and SC1x3 C-Library. The deprecated RTX_Get_Task_State() API can be used as an alternative when compatibility with the older Beck systems is required.

The tiDutyTime and tiElapsedTime members of the sTASK_INFO data structure have been extended to QWORD instead of the DWORD used in the SC2x3 C-libraries.
See also
RTX_Get_Task_List(), RTX_Task_Info_By_Id()

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