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int RTX_Get_Task_List ( TaskList tasklist,
int  length 

This API lists the tasks which are currently present in the system.

A first call to this API may be made with the tasklist parameter set to NULL. The return value will then indicate the total number of tasks that are currently in the system.

A second call could then be made after allocating enough buffer space at tasklist to allow the total number of tasks to be reported.

tasklistOutput Parameter: Memory provided by caller to buffer array of up to length TaskList objects. Can be set to NULL to determine the total number of tasks currently in system without task data reporting.
lengthSize of buffer at tasklist, number of TaskList structures. This is the maximum number of tasks that will be output into this list.
Number of tasks in system (first call with tasklist NULL), or in list (2nd call with tasklist referencing a data buffer allocated by caller).
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