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◆ RTX_Signal_Events()

RTX_EC RTX_Signal_Events ( RTX_ID  id,
unsigned int  event_mask,
unsigned int  event_value 

Signal that one or more events in a group have occurred by setting the event flags to specified states. If any tasks are waiting on these events, the Event Manager will now wake them up, provided that all of the events that the task was waiting on have reached the required states. An immediate task switch will occur if a task is released from an Event Group block which has higher priority than the task calling this API.

This API modifies the Event Group bits marked by ones in the event_mask to either '1' or '0' based on the values of the corresponding bits in the event_value parameter.

Event Group bits which are zero in the event_mask are unaffected.

Note that "event occurred" condition can be either a bit '1' or '0'. This is application defined and is specified by the value supplied to the RTX_Wait_For_Event() call.

idEvent Group handle
event_maskMask with 1 bits to indicate which of the 32 bits in the Event Group are affected.
event_valueValues to be applied to Event Group flags under the mask.
Zero on success, else error code.
See also
RTX_Strobe_Events()     RTX_Wait_For_EventP()

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