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RTOS support for communication between programs

Detailed Description

This group of API allow a program to create or access public shared memory areas which other programs can access as well. However, unlike the Message Exchange facilities, no task synchronization is provided here. Only interprocess communication is provided.

When a program wants to communicate with one other program, a Message Exchange could have been used to easily accomplish this. When one program wants to make information available to an unspecified number of client programs, the Message Exchange mechanism becomes less attractive. The program providing the information must keep pumping messages into the Message Exchange, one message for each new client that may come along.

The mechanism provided by these public memory API allow a program to set up a public shared memory area which other programs can map into their address space (but likely at a different virtual address!), allowing communication between these programs. Multiple programs could communicate with one another in this manner.


const void * RTX_GetPublication (const char *nameTag)
 Access public memory. More...
RTX_EC RTX_Publish (const void *data, const char *nameTag)
 Create a public shared memory area by name. More...
void * RTX_Public (const char *nameTag, size_t size, int *errorPtr)
 Create or access a public shared memory area by name. More...
int RTX_Public_Detach (const char *nameTag)
 Detach a public shared memory area. More...

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