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Packet API

Detailed Description

The Packet API provides functions for transmission und reception of network packets independent from the TCPIP protocol stack.

Explanations and source code example for usage of the packet API

Data Structures

struct  PktHandle
 Packet handler structure. More...
struct  EthPacket
 Simplified structure of an Ethernet packet. More...
union  EthPacketUnion
 Ethernet packet. More...


typedef int(* PktRecvCbPtr) (void *buffer, int length)
 Type of the packet receiver callback function. More...


int pktSetAccessType (DevUserIfaceHandle devHandle, PktHandle *pktHandle, BOOL wildcard)
 Install packet handler for specific packet type. More...
int pktReleaseType (DevUserIfaceHandle devHandle, int handle, BOOL wildcard)
 Release a packet handler. More...
int pktSendPacket (DevUserIfaceHandle devHandle, const unsigned char *buffer, int len)
 Send a packet. More...
int pktSetReceiveMode (DevUserIfaceHandle devHandle, int mode)
 Set receiver mode. More...
int pktMulticast (DevUserIfaceHandle devHandle, const unsigned char *mcastAddress, int set)
 Install/Delete multicast address. More...
int pktGetPhysAddress (DevUserIfaceHandle devHandle, unsigned char *physAddress)
 Retrieve physical address of a device. More...

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