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◆ CGI_Install_MIME_Table()

int CGI_Install_MIME_Table ( unsigned int  entries,

This function installs a custom MIME table.

entriesNumber of entries in MIME table.
mimeTablePointer to custom MIME table.
In contrast to the legacy SC1x, SC2x, SC1x3 and SC2x3 systems, the @CHIP-RTOS-LNX does need to make a copy of this MIME table, because it cannot pass a pointer between separated memory spaces. As a consequence the size of the table itself is limited and the size of the individual string items is limited too.

The table can contain up to 20 entries.

The following limitations apply to the strings, longer values will be truncated:
  • The "mimeExt" can be up to 6 characters long, including zero termination.
  • The "mimeType" can be up to 128 characters long, including zero termination.
zero on success, -1 on failure.
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