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◆ CGI_UrlEncode()

void CGI_UrlEncode ( char *  dst,
const char *  src 

Encodes a URL string.

[out]dstOutput Parameter: Pointer to the buffer the encoded string is to be stored in; must be large enough. The encoded string can be up to three times as large as the original string.
[in]srcString that is to be encoded.
In URL-encoded strings all non-alphanumerical characters except '-', '_' and '.' are encoded as a hexadecimal value preceded by a percent sign (e.g. %26 for the ampersand). The space character is replaced by a plus sign. The text "Test 123 .&%" (without the quotes) would be encoded as "Test+123+.%26%25". This kind of encoding is for example used to pass arguments to a CGI page with the URL.
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