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System Tasks

The RTOS itself creates a set of tasks used to support the IPC@CHIP® services. Your application programs will be executing concurrently with these built-in tasks. The fact that these RTOS tasks exists is particularly relevant when you choose priorities for your own application program's tasks.

Each task in the IPC@CHIP® system must have a unique task name. Consequently the user must take care to avoid the names used by these system tasks when naming tasks. All system task names will start with the '@' letter.

System Task List

The priorities stated here are the default priorities. They can be changed with CHIP.INI entries. The values are in decimal, where 0 is the highest user priority and 90 is the lowest user priority. Negative values have a even higher priority, but are reserved for the system. Some tasks may not be present in your system due to your system configuration specified in the CHIP.INI configuration file.

@SHL   priority = 40    Command shell main task
@OUT   priority = -1    Command shell task that handles input/output
@HSS   priority = -1    Command shell task that starts/stops services
@UDP   priority = 30    UDP config server
@UCC   priority = 30    UDP config server callback task
@TEL   priority = 38    Telnet server
@SSH   priority = 37    SSH server
@WEB   priority = 90    Web server main task
@CGI   priority = 90    Web server CGI task (created per process)
@FTP   priority = 90    FTP server
@DBG   priority = 15    Remote debugger 
@PKT   priority = 14    Packet driver receiver task 
@SNF   priority = 0     Sniff task that captures the packets if Sniff cmd is active
@ECB   priority = -7    Fatal error callback task (created per process)
@PFI   priority = -7    Power-fail IRQ task 
@IRQ   priority = -5    IRQ task (created per process)
@WDG   priority = -3    Watchdog task
@TMR   priority = -2    Timer callback task (created per process)
@EXT   priority = -1    Extdisk callback task (created per process)

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