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SSH Server - Secure Shell connections

This documentation describes the SSH Server (Secure Shell) of the @CHIP-RTOS-LNX. The goal of SSH is to replace the earlier Telnet protocol, which did not provide strong authentication or guarantee confidentiality.



By default the SSH server is enabled with a built-in RSA key. The fingerprint for this key is:
     md5 b1:7c:82:fa:a7:99:cd:24:a7:0d:2e:cd:a5:a4:53:01
The default user name and password is: ssh.
The user can configure the server with some SSH CHIP.INI entries.
NOTE: It is highly recommended to set own SSH server keys. The preinstalled key is only present for getting a SSH connection to the IPC@CHIP® out-of-the-box for a convenient development start-up. For key generation the internal shell command sshkeygen can be used.

Create the server key for server authentication:

Create a user, password:

Create key for user public key authentication:

Enable TCP Port Forwarding:

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