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Open-Source software

The @CHIP-RTOS-LNX contains software components that are licensed as Free Software or Open Source Software by the rights holders.
The corresponding licenses are available under the links provided below.

You may obtain the complete corresponding source code of the software components from us on a data carrier within three years as of the distribution of the software by us or at least for as long as we offer support and spare parts for the product the software is embedded in, if you make a request to HMS Industrial Networks AB at the following address:

     IPR Department
     HMS Industrial Networks AB
     Box 4126
     SE-300 04 Halmstad

In the letter, please state the following:

     * Product name and firmware version
     * Name, email address and postal delivery address
     * Billing address

The requested code will be sent to you on a data carrier, e.g. USB memory-stick, at a charge of 20 USD, to cover distribution costs or via email.

Open-Source software components

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