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Command shell: Hardware commands

PIO [[-all] [pionumber mode]]: Enable and show PIO pins

Enables the programmable PIO pins or shows current state.
pio 102 1     ; Enable PIO102 as input
pio 129 O1    ; Enable PIO129 as output high
pio           ; Show current enabled PIO modes
pio  -all     ; Show all PIOs (including the ones that are not enabled)

Enables the programmable PIO pins.
For showing all PIOs, including the ones that are not yet enabled use the option "-all".
For setting a PIO the command expects two parameters: PIO MODE

PIO: PIO number
MODE: PIO mode
     0 or DIS = Disable
     1 or I = Input without pullup/pulldown
     2 or IPU = Input with pullup
     3 or IPD = Input with pulldown
     4 or O1 = Output without open drain, value = High
     5 or O0 = Output without open drain, value = Low
     6 or OC1 = Output with open drain, value = High (Only for SC1x5)
     7 or OC0 = Output with open drain, value = Low (Only for SC1x5)
V1.11: MODE can now also be specified as a string literal, e.g. IPU or O1, etc.

TEMP: Shows the CPU temperature

This command displays the current CPU temperature.
Only supported at @CHIP-RTOS-LNX target(s)

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