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Access the underlying root file system from an application

The RTOS-LNX CLIB provides the API function __fsEmuSetEnableFsEmulation() to gain access to the underlying root file system.

Calling this function in the main() function will disable the file system drive emulation for the complete process. Note that paths like A:\test.txt, backslashes etc. will no longer work, if the emulation has been turned off.

extern "C" void __fsEmuSetEnableFsEmulation(int enable);
int main (void)
// Disable RTOS-LNX file system emulation
// ...

If the emulation should only be temporarily turned-off for the current thread to access some specific file, the __fsEmuSetEnableFsEmulationThread() API function is provided.

extern "C" int __fsEmuSetEnableFsEmulationThread(int enable);
// ...
// Disable RTOS-LNX file system emulation for current thread.
// The function returns the previous state for this thread.
oldState = __fsEmuSetEnableFsEmulationThread(0);
// ...
// Restore the old file system emulation state
// ...

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