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IPC@CHIP Modbus library API

The IPC@CHIP® Modbus library supports the implementation of Modbus based client/server or master/slave communication via serial RS232/RS485 lines (Modbus RTU) or TCP/IP (Modbus TCP).

Therefor the library provides four different APIs:

Supported IPC@CHIP® targets are:

Modbus API

Beck IPC publishes the library with the C source code. IPC@CHIP® application programmers can modify and extend the library for their specific requirements.
For each API of the library a C source code example is provided, which shall be used as a template by the application programmer for building his own Modbus applications.
The published Modbus library package contains also several Modbus documents from Modbus.org with descriptions of the Modbus RTU and TCP protocols.

Release notes:

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