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int mbtcp_srv_init ( MbHandle handle,
MBTCP_SRV_Init initParams,
int *  errorCode 

Initialize the MODBUS TCP server.
The provided settings of the caller are internally stored and used for the Modbus TCP communication.
For usage please see also example code of TCP_SERVER, file main.c

[out] handle : Handle that must be passed to other functions
[in] initParams,: Points to a user defined structure variable of type MBTCP_SRV_Init, which contains all required initialization data and the modbus callback function pointers.
[out] errorCode,: Storage contains RTOS TCPIP Socket API error code
>=0 : Success, the returned number must be used as a connection handle for all other server functions e.g. mbtcp_srv_deinit() or mbtcp_srv_loop().

-1 : Failed
-4 : Socket open fault
-5 : Socket option fault
-6 : Socket bind fault
-7 : Socket listen fault
-8 : Server port already in use
MB_OUT_OF_MEMORY : Out of memory

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