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int mbTCP_cl_wr_regs ( MbHandle  handle,
u8  unitId,
u16  startAddress,
u16  items,
const u16 registerData,
u8 exception,
u32  timeoutMs,
int *  errorCode 

Send a "write multiple registers" request 10h and receive the reply from the server.

[in] handle : Handle returned by mbTCP_cl_init()
[in] unitId : Unit identifier
[in] startAddress : Address of first register to write
[in] items : Number of registers to write
[in] registerData : User provided storage, contains register values
[in] timeoutMs : Wait max. timeout in [ms] for a reply.
[out] exception : Exception code (see ModbusExceptionCodes).
[out] errorCode : Socket API error code
0 : Execution successful, check *exception for possible exception code.
-1 : Timeout, no reply received
-2 : Received garbage (invalid Modbus frame data)
-5 : TCP socket fault, see errorCode

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