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int mbRTU_slv_loop_stop ( MbHandle  handle,
u32  maxWaitMs 

This function signals a stop command.
If a corresponding Modbus slave loop (running at a different task with mbRTU_slv_loop()) exists, the loop function exits. mbRTU_slv_loop_stop() waits maxWaitMs milliseconds for an exit acknowledge of the corresponding mbRTU_slv_loop().

This function can be used to stop Modbus communication. A new call to mbRTU_slv_loop() starts the Modbus communication again.

[in] handle : Handle returned by mbRTU_slv_init()
[in] maxWaitMs,: The function waits maxWaitMs milliseconds for an exit acknowledge from mbRTU_slv_loop() started with same port parameter. If maxWaitMs is 0, it will wait forever.
MB_TIMEOUT: Timeout, while waiting for exit signal of the corresponding mbRTU_slv_loop().
MB_NO_ERROR: Success

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