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int mbRTU_slv_init ( MbHandle handle,
MBRTU_SLV_Init initParams 

Create and initialize a Modbus RTU slave, which uses exclusive a serial RS232/RS485 port.
For usage please see also example code of MBRTU_SLAVE

[out] handle,: Handle that must be passed to other functions
[in] initParams,: Points to a user defined structure variable of type MBRTU_SLV_Init, which contains all required initialization data and the users modbus callback function pointers. The settings are internally stored and used for the serial Modbus communication.
0: success
-1 : failed
-2 : Illegal port or rtuMode
-3 : semaphore creation failed
-4 : port already in use, mbRTU_mst_deinit(int port) required
-5 : fossil_init fault
-6 : fossil_setbaud fault
-7 : illegal rtuMode
MB_OUT_OF_MEMORY : Out of memory

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