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Data Fields
KolibriAny Union Reference

Value of the data point in various data types. More...

#include <kolibriTypes.h>

Data Fields

KolibriBool boolean
 Boolean value.
KolibriUint8 uint8
 8-bit unsigned integer value
KolibriSint8 sint8
 8-bit signed integer value
KolibriUint16 uint16
 16-bit unsigned integer value
KolibriSint16 sint16
 16-bit signed integer value
KolibriUint32 uint32
 32-bit unsigned integer value
KolibriSint32 sint32
 32-bit signed integer value
KolibriUint64 uint64
 64-bit unsigned integer value
KolibriSint64 sint64
 64-bit signed integer value
KolibriFloat32 float32
 32-bit floating point value
KolibriFloat64 float64
 64-bit floating point value
char * str
 UTF-8 string value.
KolibriByteArray byteArray
 Byte array value.

Detailed Description

Value of the data point in various data types.

Last functional change:
2.0.0 Added byte array field

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