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Data Fields
KolibriStats Struct Reference

Statistical data. More...

#include <kolibriTypes.h>

Data Fields

KolibriUint8 structVer
KolibriUint32 nConnects
KolibriUint32 nLogins
KolibriUint32 nTxVals
KolibriUint32 nRxVals
KolibriUint32 nTxBytes
KolibriUint32 nRxBytes
KolibriUint32 nCommErrs
KolibriUint32 rttMin
KolibriUint32 rttMax
KolibriUint32 rttAvg
KolibriUint8 txQueueFill
KolibriUint8 maxTxQueueFill
KolibriUint8 rxQueueFill
KolibriUint8 maxRxQueueFill
KolibriUint8 rpcClientQueueFill
KolibriUint8 maxRpcClientQueueFill
KolibriUint8 rpcServerQueueFill
KolibriUint8 maxRpcServerQueueFill

Detailed Description

Statistical data.

This structure data type holds some statistical data concerning the library.

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