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typedef KolibriBool(* KolibriRpcServerCb) (void *context, json::Base **response, json::Obj *params)

Type of callback function that is registered with the Kolibri RPC server.

contextContext parameter that has been passed to kolibriAddRpcServerMethod()
responseResult parameter: Result or error object.
paramsParameter object
Boolean value indicating whether the response parameter should be interpreted as a result (true) or error (false) object.
It is save to throw an exception from an RPC server call-back function, e.g. if building an error object fails. The RPC server will simply not answer the RPC request in this case. The RPC client will have a timeout.
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Last functional change:
1.2.0 Changed data type of context parameter to void * to be compatible to 64 bit architectures.

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