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KolibriErr KOLIBRI_FUNC_ATTR kolibriCreateNode ( char const *  path,
KolibriNodeType  nodeType,
KolibriCreateModifyNodeOpts  opts,
KolibriNodeProps const *  props 

Creates a node.

This function can be used to create a node on the Broker.

pathDesignated node path, relative to the producer's path, with a leading slash
nodeTypeDesignated node type
optsOptions bitmap indicating which fields of the props parameter data structure are valid
propsData structure with designated node properties. Note that if the Trigger mode is provided and the data type is neither boolean, string nor byte array and the trigger mode is either KOLIBRI_TRIGGER_MODE_CHANGE or KOLIBRI_TRIGGER_MODE_CHANGE_SAMPLE, you must also provide the data type.
Returns one of the following codes:
Yes, but note that only one of the functions kolibriCreateNode(), kolibriModifyNode(), kolibriDeleteNode(), kolibriGetNodeProps(), kolibriGetNodeList() and kolibriGetNodeListDone() can be executed at a time. If a second task tries to execute one of these functions, KOLIBRI_ERR_RESOURCE will be returned.
Strings may not exceed a length of KOLIBRI_MAX_STR_LEN octets.

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