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KolibriErr KOLIBRI_FUNC_ATTR kolibriSetKeepAlive ( KolibriUint16  interval,
KolibriUint8  timeout 

Set keep-alive timing parameters.

Sets the interval and timeout for the keep alive mechanism. The keep-alive mechanism is used to maintain the connection to the Broker through any kind of network infrastructure components when there is no payload data to be transmitted. When there has been no payload data transmission for the given interval, the client will start the keep-alive sequence and the server must reply within the given timeout. If the keep-alive sequence fails, the connection is considered to be broken.
If you do not call this function, the interval will default to KOLIBRI_DEFAULT_KEEP_ALIVE_INTERVAL and the timeout will default to KOLIBRI_DEFAULT_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT.
This function must be called before kolibriStart().

intervalDesignated keep-alive interval [s]; must not be smaller than KOLIBRI_MIN_KEEP_ALIVE_INTERVAL.
timeoutDesignated timeout [s], must not be 0.
Returns one of the following codes:

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