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KolibriErr KOLIBRI_FUNC_ATTR kolibriRegisterLogCb ( KolibriLogCb  cb,
char const *  msgPrefix,
KolibriLogOpt  opts 

Registers a call-back function for logging.

This function registers a call-back funtion through which the Kolibri library can log messages.

cbCall-back function
msgPrefixArbitrary string that will be prepended to every message. It can be used to distinguish messages from the Kolibri library from messages from other components. You can pass an empty string.
optsThrough this bitmap parameter you can define what kind of messages will be logged. The constants from KolibriLogOpt can be ored to build this bitmap.
Returns one of the following codes:
  • KOLIBRI_ERR_NO - Success
  • KOLIBRI_ERR_ARG - Either the call-back function or the message prefix is NULL or no or an unknown option is set.
  • KOLIBRI_ERR_STATE - The library has bot been initialised or the library has already been started.
  • KOLIBRI_ERR_MEM - Could not allocate memory for the copy of a string argument.
See also
You must not call any API functions of the Kolibri library inside the callback function.

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