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KolibriErr KOLIBRI_FUNC_ATTR kolibriSetQueueSizes ( unsigned  txQueueSize,
unsigned  rxQueueSize,
unsigned  maxNDatasetLists,
unsigned  rpcClientQueueSize 

Set queue sizes and maximum number of dataset lists.

This function sets the sizes of several queues and lists. If you do not call it, the sizes will get default values.
This function must be called before kolibriStart().

txQueueSizeDesignated size of the send queue (Default: KOLIBRI_DEFAULT_TX_QUEUE_SIZE)
rxQueueSizeDesignated size of the receive queue (Default: KOLIBRI_DEFAULT_RX_QUEUE_SIZE)
maxNDatasetListsMaximum number of dataset lists that can be registered with the library through kolibriRegister() (Default: KOLIBRI_DEFAULT_MAX_N_DATASET_LISTS)
rpcClientQueueSizeDesignated size of the RPC client queue. (Default: KOLIBRI_DEFAULT_RPC_CLIENT_QUEUE_SIZE) The size of this queue determines how many tasks may simultaneously invoke an RPC.
Returns one of the following codes:

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