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KolibriErr KOLIBRI_FUNC_ATTR kolibriGetNodeList ( char const ***  paths,
unsigned *  n 

Gets the list of all nodes.

This function gets a list of the paths of all nodes on the Broker underneath the Producer's path.

pathsOutput parameter: List of paths. The memory allocated for the paths and for the paths list must be released by the caller.
nOutput parameter: Size of the paths list
Returns one of the following codes:
See also
Yes, but note that only one of the functions kolibriCreateNode(), kolibriModifyNode(), kolibriDeleteNode(), kolibriGetNodeProps(), kolibriGetNodeList() and kolibriGetNodeListDone() can be executed at a time. If a second task tries to execute one of these functions, KOLIBRI_ERR_RESOURCE will be returned.
If the function returns KOLIBRI_ERR_MEM it may still have allocated internal data structures that should be released through kolibriGetNodeListDone().

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