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Version notes and restrictions:
GMLib Release Notes:
  • V0.1 - Initial Beta release
  • V0.4 - Beta release, March 2009
  • V1.00 - Release, April 2009
  • V1.10 - Release, February 2011, supports SC2x3, some bugs fixed
  • V1.50 - Release, August 2011, added GPS/MUX functions for GM02
  • V1.51 - Release, September 2011, bug fixes
  • V1.52 - Release, December 2011, added modemtrace and enable-DTR function, support GM03
  • V1.53 - Release, January 2012, increased MTU on PPP
  • V1.54 - Release, April 2012, increased some timeouts, fixed GM02 SMS reception
  • V1.55 - Release, August 2012, increased network registration timeout, other minor fixes
  • V1.60 - Release, January 2013, support GM04
  • V1.61 - Release, April 2013, minor fixes
  • V1.62 - Release, July 2013, fixed potential endless loop in gmSendSMSText, other minor fixes
  • V1.63 - Release, Januray 2014, add SMS status report option, other minor fixes
  • V1.70 - Beta, July 2014, support GMLGA01
  • V1.71 - Release, July 2014, fixed potential endless loops
  • V1.72 - Release, July 2014, fixed IMEI range for GM04
  • V1.73 - Release, October 2014, add another IMEI range for GM01, fixed gmReadPacketDataService() for GMLGA01
  • V1.74 - Release, November 2014, fixed SMS reception for GMLGA01
  • V1.75 - Release, February 2015, IMEI check extended
  • V1.76 - Release, September 2015, Reduce global data segment usage on SC1x3/SC2x
  • V1.77 - Release, March 2016, support GM05, fixed Short message reception if message has more than one line
  • V1.78 - Release, April 2016, support GM06
  • V1.90 - Release, July 2016, add support for SC1x5. Add gmInitSimDetection() function.
  • V1.91 - Release, July 2016, Add delay after switching SIM detection method.
  • V1.92 - Release, July 2016, Fixed MUX functionality, was broken since V1.90.
  • V1.93 - Release, October 2016, Fixed SMS status reports with GM05/GM06/GMLGA01.
  • V1.94 - Release, November 2016, support GMLGA02.
Known problems:
  • The GM0x modules do not terminate the GPRS connection when the ATH command is executed. The ATH command always returns with ERROR. Since V1.50 the library uses the AT+CGACT=0 command to terminate the GPRS connection.
  • The GM01 module needs some time after power-up to receive/send SMS messages. Only after about eigth seconds the modem is ready. In this time the AT commands for sending/receiving SMS are answered with an error by the modem. The user needs to wait this time before trying to send/receive the first SMS, or he needs to make multiple tries until the modem answers with a success message.
Usage restrictions:
  • Permission to use the library is only granted with the Beck IPC@CHIP® controllers and the Beck IPC modem devices GM0x.
  • All GM0x library functions should be called from a single task.
  • The GM0x library functions call RTX_Sleep_Time() internally. Therefore the user should not call RTX_Wakeup() with the task ID of the task that executes the GM0x functions.
Throughput restrictions:
  • The following table gives information about the maximum data rates depending on the used mobile phone technology.
  • Technology Download rate Upload rate
    GSM CSD (2G) 14,4 kbit/s 14,4 kbit/s
    GPRS (2.5G) 57,6 kbit/s 28,8 kbit/s
    EDGE (2.75G) 236,8 kbit/s 236,8 kbit/s
    UMTS (3G) 384 kbit/s 384 kbit/s
    HSPA (3.5G) 7,2 Mbit/s 1,4 Mbit/s
  • Anyhow, not all of these data rates are achievable via the serial UART connection between the chip and the modem. The baud rate on this serial connection is the limiting factor. E.g. the highest possible baud rate between the GM02 and the SC1x3/SC2x is 460800 bit/s. The higher baud rates that the GM02 supports do not match the possible baud rate dividers on the SC1x3/SC2x.

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