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GcInitParamsGc04V2 Struct Reference
[Data Types]

Initialisation parameters for GC04 controller, extended version 2. More...

Data Fields

unsigned char controllerType
unsigned char structVer
unsigned char screenMode
unsigned char hSync
unsigned char hSyncFrontPorch
unsigned char hSyncBackPorch
unsigned char vSync
unsigned char vSyncFrontPorch
unsigned char vSyncBackPorch
unsigned char vSyncInvert
unsigned char hSyncInvert
unsigned char clockInvert
unsigned char swapRedBlue
unsigned char lcdTftPanel
unsigned char bypassPixelClockDivider
unsigned long optimalClockRate
unsigned char useI2cInterface
unsigned char i2cSlaveAddress
unsigned char i2cSpeedParamN
unsigned char i2cSpeedParamM

Detailed Description

This data type replaces GcInitParams if a GC04 Graphics Controller is being used.

When you use the function board GC-touch 4.10 or com.tom GRAPHIC 4.10, you can use the constant structure variable gGcInitParamsGc04DLC0430EZG_T_2_V2, which holds the correct initialisation values for these displays.
See also:
gcInit, GcInitParams, gGcInitParamsGc04DLC0430EZG_T_2_V2

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