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The IPC@CHIP® Graphics Controllers allow you to equip your IPC@CHIP®-based products with an attractive human machine interface (HMI). The IPC@CHIP® Graphics Library (GCLIB) provides means to integrate the functionality of the graphics controller into your application software. The library's interface has been designed to be easy to use and hardware indepenant, thus allowing you to re-use your software with minimum effort when newer IPC@CHIP® Graphics Controllers will come available.

The GCLIB may set the RTOS' system error record when the communication between the IPC@CHIP® and the graphics controller fails. (This will not happen for the parallel interface of the GC01.) The error code that will be passed to the system error callback function (see RTOS documentation of functions BIOS_Set_Error_Handler() and BIOS_Install_Error_Handler()) will be GC_SYSTEM_ERROR_COMM.

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