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Functions to create, destroy, load and save images. More...


GcErrorCode gcCreateImage (GcImage *image, unsigned short width, unsigned short height)
 Create an image.
GcErrorCode gcDestroyImage (GcImage *image)
 Destroy an image.
GcErrorCode gcLoadImageFromFile (GcImage *image, const char *path)
 Load an image from a file.
GcErrorCode gcSaveImageToFile (GcImage *image, const char *path, GcImageFileType fileType)
 Save an image to a file.

Detailed Description

This section holds the documentation of the image functions of the IPC@CHIP® Graphics Library. The functions in this section can be used to create new images, destroy existing ones and to load images from resp. save them to the file system. Functions to manipulate images can be found in the drawing section.

The functions in this section are defined in the header file gclib_image.h, which will be automatically included along with gclib.h.

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