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GcErrorCode gcDrawTextInRectangle ( GcImage targetImage,
const char *  text,
unsigned short  x0,
unsigned short  y0,
unsigned short  x1,
unsigned short  y1,
long  textAlign,
long  maxLen,
GcRotation  rotation 

This function, like vprintf(), builds an output string based on a format string and an argument list of the type va_list. It then calls gcDrawText() to draw the output string onto an image or the frame buffer.
The currently selected font will be used.
For details on the format string and the argument list, please refer to the documentation of vprintf().

targetImage Pointer to the GcImage object to operate on; NULL for the frame buffer
text text to put out in the rectangle
x0 Designated x coordinate of the left side of the output rectangle
y0 Designated y coordinate of the upper side of the output rectangle
x1 Designated x coordinate of the right side of the output rectangle
y1 Designated y coordinate of the bottom side of the output rectangle
textAlign Flags defining the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text in the rectangle. See GC_TA_* defines.
maxLen Max number of shown characters in the text
rotation enum specifying the text rotation, see type GcRotation
One of the following error codes is returned:





See also:
gcDrawTextFormat, gcDrawText, gcSetFont, gcSetTextEncoding

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