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Description of the BT0x (BT01-BT06) modules

Beck IPC offers 6 different Bluetooth modules BT01-BT06 for the IPC@CHIP® targets SC2x, SC1x3, SC243.
BT05/06 are the compatible successor modules for the meanwhile deprecated devices BT01/02 and BT03/04.

Features of the Beck IPC Bluetooth module BT0x:

  • Connection via serial interface.
        Also required are SC1x3/SC23/SC243 PIOs for Reset signal, DTR and DSR.

  • Bluetooth version 2.0 (BT01-BT02), Version 2.1 EDR (BT03-BT06)

  • Profiles GAP, SPP, DUN

  • Wireless Multipoint with up to 3 slaves for BT03/04 and BT05/06 (7 for BT01/02)

  • Temp range: -30°C - +85°C

  • BT01/02 Transmitter power:Class 1, +7 dBm (10 - 150 m)

  • BT03/04 Transmitter power:Class 1, +4 dBm (10 - 150 m)

  • BT05/06 Transmitter power:Class 1, +5 dBm (10 - 150 m)

  • BT01/BT03/BT05 require external antennas. BT02/BT04/BT06 have an internal antenna onboard.

  • BT03/04 BT05/06 don't support RS232 baudrate 300, datalength 7Bit is also not provided.

  • C-API for accessing the library functionalities.

  • Example applications as templates for own customized BT0x applications.

    For using the BT0x Bluetooth module at customized IPC@CHIP® applications, Beck IPC provides a precompiled driver library (compiler memory model large). The application developer shall use this library and the provided API for building own customized BT0x applications. Additionally Beck IPC provides several template examples.

    For the modules BT03/04, the library version 1.04 (or higher) is required.

    For the modules BT05/06, the library version 2.02 (or higher) is required.
    Applications compiled with earlier library versions need to be recompiled by using library 2.02 (or higher).

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