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Our IPC@CHIP® controls and communicates.
It is a platform consisting of hardware, software and extra features. Therefore, the IPC@CHIP® is the basis for many applications – from real-time control to remote maintenance. In addition, it supports many functionalities and connects the automation technology to internet and/or to other networks.

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From 27 to 29 November 2018, the SPS/IPC/Drives fair will take place.


FastGet your embedded application faster - faster time to market

The IPC@CHIP® as a platform solution makes it possible for our customers to concentrate on their own product-specific requirements only. This platform solution, designed as a single chip computer, provides a basis for all applications and supports a number of different functionalities as well as connects the automation technology to internet and/or to other networks. Required functionalities can be integrated in individual applications with little effort. So our customers save costs and time.

EasyWe have developed the platform solution which makes it easy for you to integrate your application

Beck IPC’s core area of expertise is the development of powerful platform solutions. The IPC@CHIP® therefore offers many other features apart from its technical characteristics, for example, our platform solution provides simple interfaces, additional downloads, extensive support and user groups which are accessible via our homepage.

Low costDevelopment time is money. Save Both!

Beck IPC supplies an integrated, ready-to-use embedded platform with a large range of functions. As a result of this, our customer is able to realize its projects in a shorter development time with a reduced development risk, lower development costs and a simpler calculation of the costs and risks involved. The IPC@CHIP® is a platform solution which can either be used as a PLC, a communication controller or as a combination of both. Our platform solution enables customers to develop products that are more attractive, smaller and more versatile.


Building blocks for industrial IoT

The com.tom devices are ready to use Internet Gateways, especially designed for automation and high connectivity. The Gateways provide on the one hand many fieldbus functionalities and features for automation, on the other hand high IT functionality.
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